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Humphrey Farrington McClain PC - Popcorn Lung | Video Transcript

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STEVE CRICK: Popcorn lung is typically diagnosed among people who worked in microwave popcorn plants. But they've changed the name subsequently because they found a similar disease in plants where workers made the butter flavoring that was sold to popcorn plants.

KENNETH BLAIR MCCLAIN: Our firm is the only law firm in the country that has ever tried a popcorn lung case. We were the law firm that handled the initial cases that arose in Jasper, Missouri, and achieved the record-setting results of 20 million, 15 million, 15 million, 2.7 million, 7.5 million, consistently in these cases that has received so much publicity.

STEVE CRICK: Our first popcorn lung trial was in 2004. We have several years of experience since that time developing documents, witness statements, and other knowledge to be able to represent someone in court.

KENNETH BLAIR MCCLAIN: In a very real sense, our clients that come in today stand on the shoulders of the last client that we represented because they gain from that client's case in terms of knowledge and expertise.

An Independence, Missouri, law firm focusing on helping families across the United States whose loved ones are afflicted by popcorn lung disease.