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Popcorn Lung Overview

Popcorn lung disease, or popcorn workers lung, is technically named bronchiolitis obliterans. Called popcorn lung disease because it appears mostly among factory workers in microwave popcorn plants, the illness is thought to be caused by the inhaled vapors of the butter flavoring (Diacetyl) used in microwave popcorn. The most likely victims of this illness are workers who mix the paste or powder forms of Diacetyl with oil to prepare it for use in the popcorn packets.

People with popcorn lung disease are often misdiagnosed

The symptoms of popcorn lung disease often mimic those of other respiratory illnesses, such as asthma or emphysema. People suffering this illness are often misdiagnosed . That is why we recommend that people with suspect popcorn lung see a physician with experience diagnosing this illness. Our law firm works with a number of doctors who have developed a specialty in this rare disease. Contact our law firm to learn more about popcorn lung if you have been exposed to Diacetyl or other types of artificial flavoring in microwave popcorn. During your free initial consultation , we will determine whether you should be referred to one of our specialist physicians to diagnose your case.

Experienced with class actions

Our attorneys will undertake class action lawsuits or mass tort actions under certain cases. In such cases, a number of people suffering from the same illness for the same reason can band together to form a "class", leveraging their ability to seek justice. We have been involved in class actions related to tobacco and a variety of toxic substances exposure in addition to our work with popcorn lung disease.

Contact an attorney who knows where the popcorn lung hotspots are

Popcorn lung disease occurs most frequently in regions where the manufacture of microwave popcorn is a big industry. There are many such hotspots throughout the United States. Because our lawyers represent people from every state, we have probably represented someone from your city or county already. We are familiar with the principal manufacturers of microwave popcorn. We know about plants, the owners and managers, and the litigation history of each hotspot . Don't leave your future and that of your family to chance in matters related to popcorn lung disease or other illnesses arising from chemical exposure. Contact an attorney with significant experience. Call Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C., today.

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