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Popcorn Lung Class Actions

Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C., is a national leader in popcorn lung litigation. Popcorn lung, or bronchiolitis obliterans, results from exposure to Diacetyl. Popcorn lung disease can be life threatening and require individuals to undergo a lung transplant. We are the only firm that has litigated successfully litigated a popcorn lung case to verdict. Since January 2001, our lawyers have been pursuing popcorn lung litigation, and have accumulated much knowledge and experience. To learn more about our practice and about popcorn lung disease, contact an attorney at our Independence, Missouri, law firm to schedule a free initial consultation .

Class actions in cases related to toxic exposure in industrial settings

Our lawyers handle all types of litigation for victims of occupational illnesses such as those caused by Diacetyl exposure, including class actions. A class action is intended to streamline the legal process when many individuals have been harmed by the acts of another person or entity. Class actions permit the claims of hundreds, thousands, or millions of injured persons to be handled in one case rather than in numerous cases.

Creating efficiencies in the legal system that benefit plaintiffs

A class action saves the legal system time and expense. It also allows an individual with less than catastrophic injury or illness to participate in legal action. Joining with others in a similar situation creates efficiencies that allow the inclusion of smaller claims. The class action allows members of a class to pool their resources and present the most persuasive arguments in one case.

Attorneys experienced with class action litigation in toxic exposure cases

Our attorneys have used class actions to resolve numerous types of matters related to exposure to toxic substances, such as Diacetyl, in the workplace. In addition, we have participated on behalf of injured clients in class actions related to tobacco, securities fraud, and consumer antitrust issues. Our trial lawyers have the experience with class action litigation and with Diacetyl-caused illnesses such as popcorn lung disease to provide our clients with effective and efficient representation in any type of litigation.

Do not hesitate to contact an attorney about any type of litigation if you have been exposed to a toxic substance such as Diacetyl

If you believe that you or a loved one is suffering a debilitating illness because of exposure to a toxic substance such as Diacetyl, contact Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C., right away to discuss your options and your rights. Whether our recommendations include forming or joining a class action or undertaking an individual claim, you can be certain that our lawyers will use their experience and knowledge to provide you with effective representation dedicated to obtaining maximum compensation for your illness.

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An Independence, Missouri, law firm focusing on helping families across the United States whose loved ones are afflicted by popcorn lung disease.