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If you or a loved one has been working at Cornfields in Gurnee, Illinois; Gilster-Mary Lee Popcorn Company in Chester or Momence, Illinois; or Tee Lee Popcorn in Shannon, Illinois, and have developed any respiratory symptoms, popcorn lung disease may be to blame.

Our attorneys at Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C., handle cases of popcorn lung disease nationwide. Known to be caused by exposure to Diacetyl, or artificial butter flavoring, popcorn lung disease is incurable and sometimes fatal. People with serious cases of the condition must obtain a lung transplant . To learn more about popcorn lung disease, contact our law firm.

The illness is most commonly found in workers in microwave popcorn plants who breathe the vapors of Diacetyl in their work. More formally called bronchiolitis obliterans, the illness is characterized by hardening and obstruction of lung tissue. Symptoms include serious shortness of breath, a dry cough, and skin rashes. Victims are usually unable to work or pursue their previous activities.

Our attorneys have pursued popcorn lung litigation throughout the country for hundreds of clients since 2001. We are highly knowledgeable about the disease, its causes, and its symptoms. We handle more cases arising from exposure to Diacetyl than any other law firm in the United States. We are the only law firm that has tried a popcorn lung case before a jury. We have been successful obtaining large verdicts for our clients, allowing them to deal with their illness and lost wages.

If you or a loved one work in a microwave popcorn plant in any state, including Illinois, contact an attorney immediately if you are suffering any of the symptoms of popcorn lung disease. At Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C., we have the experience and understanding of the illness to provide you with aggressive and dedicated representation. We represent victims of popcorn lung disease throughout the state, including Chicago, Rockford, Aurora, Naperville, Peoria, Springfield, Joliet, Elgin, Waukegan, and Cicero.

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