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Butter Flavoring Toxicity

The Toxicity of Butter Flavoring

Breathing the vapors released when mixing butter flavoring has been demonstrated to cause lung disease in lab animals and human studies. The disease inflames the lungs, causing scarring and hardening of the tissue. This in turn ultimately leads to obstruction of airways. Known as popcorn lung disease because it is most common in workers in microwave popcorn plants, the illness has put several victims on the lung transplant list.

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Scientists are unsure about why the vapors released by mixing or heating butter flavoring cause popcorn lung disease, or bronchiolitis obliterans. However, the evidence is persuasive. The incidence of this condition among workers in food service plants packing microwave popcorn is far greater than in the general population, where it is extremely unusual.

Persuasive evidence about popcorn lung disease found by NIOSH

Although the exact mechanism of the disease is not clear, it is certain that breathing the vapors and dust that result from mixing butter flavoring before adding it to microwave popcorn can cause bronchiolitis obliterans. Tests conducted by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) collected air samples at a number of popcorn factories, where it was found that levels of Diacetyl, a known eye irritant, were significantly higher than in the control samples. The toxicity of airborne butter flavoring is generally accepted .

If you work in a microwave popcorn plant and have developed respiratory problems, contact an attorney right away to learn about lung disease caused by butter flavoring and other artificial flavors. At Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C., we handle most of the popcorn workers lung cases in the United States. You can rely on our knowledge and support as we move your case forward.

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