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Classes of Toxic Tort Cases

Popcorn lung disease is just one of many types of toxic torts, which are personal injury cases arising out of chemical exposure. The most common types of toxic tort cases involve pharmaceuticals, but a toxic tort can arise out of many situations, including:

  • Hazardous wastes: Individuals who suffer injuries, property damage or illnesses arising out of improperly stored or disposed hazardous wastes may be able to recover funds from the parties that failed to properly store the waste.
  • Consumer products: A growing number of consumer products are manufactured using complex chemicals that may be unsafe. Common consumer product toxic torts involve lead-based paint on children's toys.
  • Contaminated food: Lax sanitation standards at food processing plants, grocery stores and restaurants can result in the transfer of dangerous bacteria such as salmonella. Although the most common symptoms of food-borne illness are nausea and discomfort, several thousand people die from food poisoning each year.
  • Toxic industrial materials: Many hazardous substances such as asbestos are used in industrial materials and can cause cancer or other illnesses. It may take several years or decades for the negative health effects to appear, which makes these cases particularly challenging.
  • Chemicals and pesticides: Powerful chemicals and pesticides are widely available and can cause serious illnesses or injuries when improperly applied or stored.
  • Catastrophic events: This last category involves rare, but not uncommon, events such as fires at chemical plants, truck accidents involving dangerous cargo, oil spills and nuclear plant meltdowns. These cases typically impact vast numbers of people and liability is usually not difficult to establish.

National Toxic Tort Law Firm

The Independence, Missouri, law firm of Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C., has experience litigating toxic tort cases throughout the country. Our attorneys are at the forefront of many new types of toxic tort cases, including popcorn lung disease.

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